Hey there!
Thank you so much for coming to the studio for your headshots!
Below are two folders, Proofs and Retouched. In the proofs folder are all the images we took at our shoot - they have not been retouched in ANY way. Do not worry about props, the stool, or backgrounds - whatever image(s) you select will be retouched so things like that will be corrected.

The retouched folder will have images that have been, obviously lol, retouched. You can download images directly from that folder.

When you hover over the images, a number appears in the corner - you can either email me your selections, or click the heart in the other corner - that will create a list for me on the back end that I can refer to. I will then retouch and move the finished hi res image to the Retouched folder for you to download away.

Thanks again for coming to the Studio and all the very best to you!!!