Thank you for coming to the studio!

Here you will find a few folders, one with all the raw unedited images taken at your shoot, "Retouched" which contains few of the 'photographer's faves' which are ready for immediate download, and another called PAY FOR SESSION, which has a blank image that serves as the payment mechanism for the shoot.

If you did not pay for the shoot at the time of the session, there will be an image called SESSION in that folder that you must download and pay for when you make your image selection(s).

If there are images in the proofs folder that you don't see in the retouched folder, hover over that image and you will see a HEART - click the heart and I will get a notification. I then go and retouch the image then put the finished image in the retouched folder. If you want more "body work" (lol) on any image, message me with instructions. I try to delicately remove a few years, a few pounds, so that its not too obvious...if you want more, just let me know ;-)

If you have any questions please drop us a line at [email protected] I hope you enjoy your new headshot!

proofsretouchedPay for shoot