Welcome to the Senior Portrait Gallery!
First of all THANK YOU for coming to us for your Senior Portraits. We are grateful and honored you chose us and we love being even a small part of this great next chapter in your life!

Your gallery will include two folders, a Proofs folder that will contain all the low res images from your shoot, and a Retouched folder. Usually, right after our shoot as your images are backing up, I have a quick look and some will pop out to me and I will start retouching them. If you go there for the first time and there are images already there, that's me, trying to get a head start and working on the ones I like. Go to your proofs folder and select the images you like. You can "favorite" them, which should send me an e-mail from the server so I know which ones you like, and then I will get to work on them. I do not retouch them all by default to save on time (ie money ;-) )

When I retouch them, that will include blemish removal, skin smoothing, eye and teeth brightening, and any other artistic flair I feel would enhance the image. If you would like braces removal or any other "body work", there may be additional charges depending on the complexity of the work.

The most important thing to do first is to select the image you would like for your yearbook and I will get it over to the yearbook staff at your school. It might require additional cropping to meet with the specifications of the yearbook.
  • You are not beholden to a package - order whatever prints or other products whenever you like. They make great gifts and thank you cards!
  • If you need any help with your images or ordering, message me at [email protected] or call/text me at 978.771.1965
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