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Turn up your air conditioner thermostat by at least 4 degrees.Don't forget to turn down or turn off your air conditioner when leaving homeUnplugging the charging cables of your cell phone and other wireless devices from the wall is an easy way to save electricity.Don't use your dish washer during peak events.Run your dishwasher and other large appliances after peak events.When you are done using your computer, shut it down and then turn off the power surge strip. This will shut off your printer and other devices at the same time.Don't use the oven.  Summer is for grilling.Turn off any lights you are not using.Phone fully charged? Unplug the charger from the wall.Use your washer and dryer in the morning or evening instead of mid-day.Leaving home?  Turn off your air conditioner or turn it up at least 4 degrees.Turn up your air conditioner thermostat by at least 4 degreesDon't forget to turn out the lights!Turn off the lights to save moneyTurn off the lights to save energy and moneyUnplug your small appliances.Turn off the stove and head out to the grill.Don't use the oven.  Summer is for grilling!Turn off lights when not in useWinter is for cold.  Enjoy the warmth of summer by turning your air conditioner up by at least 4 degrees.