lauren poussard | creative studio | Unretouched RAW images

These are all the images taken on the day of our shoot, test shots, silly faces from Dominic, the works. From these you can choose which ones you would like to see "finished". All final selections are given special treatment: airbrushing, eye and teeth whitening, spot,wrinkle removal, a little "tucking", as well as some artistic enhancements. When completed the high resolution final image is moved to the Retouched folder to print or download. Please let me know which images are your favorites. You can hover over the image to get a number, which you can e-mail me, or you can use the system's 'favorites' feature, which will e-mail me your favorites through the server. You will receive a code via e-mail to download the number of images which came as part of your original package. If you need me to resend the e-mail just message me and let me know.

Thank you for coming to the studio!