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Are you looking for stock photos for your website or marketing materials of the North Shore? Instead of going to the "usual" stock image websites, consider "keeping it local" and supporting your local artists. I have made some of the images I have taken around Boston and the North Shore available for you to download at reasonable prices. Beverly, Boston, Salem, Peabody, Danvers, Ipswich, Manchester, Newbury, Plum Island are just a few of the locations contained in this growing collection of images. After payment you are welcome to use the images for your website and printed marketing materials for your business. You are not required to credit the artist, although a mention is always nice - and I like to return the favor on social media. If there's any way I can help you let me know. Enjoy!
Cider Hill Farm, AmesburyMemorial Day Flag Garden - Proceeds donated!Sunset at Plum Island, Newbury MaSunset at Plum Island, Newbury MaSalt Marsh Plum Island Newbury MaSalt Marsh Plum Island Newbury MaAlong Argilla RoadCrane Estate, September 2010Salt Marshes, Newbury 2006Autumn Gold, Ipswich 2008Appleton Farms, 2008Pumpkin stand, Corrinna, ME 2005Salt Marshes, Newbury 2007In for the night, Pavillion Beach, Ipswich 2006HB4, Ipswich 2008Willows Pier, Salem 2007Procession of the Herd, Ipswich 2008The Three Amigos, 2008Silo (infrared), Ipswich 2008Summer cottage, 2008