Nauticalia, is that even a word? I can't sail, and I was told by the global challenge MCI Worldcom team captain that I steer "like a woman" but I love sail boats, especially tall ships and schooners. Maybe someday I'll learn how, but in the meanwhile, there's the kayak, and I can always appreciate the artistry and engineering of it all through my lens.
Sail Boston 2009Schoonerfest 20102010.07.04 - Fourth, Fame and Fireworks at Derby/Pickering Wharf2010.09.06 - Frame Up!  Harold Burnham's New Pinky Ardelle2010.08.07 - Salem Maritime Festival20110806 - Salem Maritime Festival 2011Schoonerfest 2011 - Gloucester20120902 - Gloucester Schooner Festival 2012Schoonerfest 2014