Thanks again for coming to "the studio"!

Hover over the image you like and you will see a "heart" appear in the top left corner. when you click it it will make a list for me on the back end.

Please note, this list of favorites is for retouching purposes only, for the images you are likely to print or order.

The proofs have not been retouched or edited in any way. You cannot order from this folder, it's for proofing purposes only. (Kids, you can download these for instagram if you want, but they aren't retouched and will have a watermark.) Only retouched images can be ordered (this is all to prevent people from accidently ordering an unretouched image).

If there are any issues with your selections, we will make notes under the image. Have a read before you order any prints from the retouched folder.

Any questions drop us a note: [email protected]
ProofsRetouched Selections