Thank you for coming to the studio!
Here are two folders, one "Retouched", that has finished images that are ready to download. (You get 4 free downloads with your package, btw).
The "Proofs" folder are all the images taken at the session, unedited. When I go through the initial pass, I take a few that look good to me, or ones we looked at together and mutually liked, and "finish" and upload them to the Ready folder. You are welcome to download these, but if there are others you prefer, simply hover over the image and up will come an image number. You can either e-mail me that number or use the "Favorite" feature and it will e-mail me with your selections. I will then "finish" those and move them over to the Ready folder for download.

Please use the code e-mailed to you separately to download your images for free.

There are more proofs to come, my machine has been excruciatingly slow the last few weeks, so it's slow to crunch them out (the images in their original state are a CRAZY 88Mb!)