THANK YOU for coming to the studio for your portraits John!

Here are your images. They have been organized into two folders below. All of the images taken have been uploaded to the "Unretouched Proofs" folder. They are not retouched in anyway, but compressed and uploaded for proofing purposes only.

I have retouched a few images that stood out to me and uploaded the high-res versions to the Photographer's Pick folder.

Let me know which image you want me to print. All you have to do is hit the HEART button when you hover over the image and it will email me on the back end and I will send it out to print right away.

If you would like to select a different image from the Unretouched Proofs folder, simply hover over the image and use the "favorite" button (heart) to select the one(s) you want me to edit. I will see on the back end, retouch it and upload a high-res image to the RETOUCHED folder.

Any questions, feel free to message me at [email protected] I will be in and out today as I prepare to leave with the high school band for Pearl Harbor!

Photographer Picks-RETOUCHEDUnretouched proofs