Hi Jan, thanks for coming to the studio for your portraits!

Here you will find three folders. The Proofs folder is filled with all of the totally unedited photos from the shoot. Select your favorites by hovering over the image and clicking the "heart" that appears in the upper corner. That will create a list on the back end that I will retouch.

I retouched a couple to show you examples of our style. I airbrush everyone, but I don't always take out every little thing to try to keep things "real". Crepey skin I do go and try to fix and soften as much as possible. Please let me know if this is to your liking so your selections will be handled in the same way.

Also, I know Karen wants them "moody". I created a moody version of one and adding some tonight - this might not be exactly what she's looking for, it's hard to tell. But we can work together to get that tone exactly as she wants it.

Call or message if you have any questions! 978-791-0006