Thank you for having me, Garden City Pedi! It was a pleasure to meet you all!

Here are a few folders containing both retouched images and the raw, unedited proofs. Typically I go through the album and find the portrait that is sharpest, the eyes are brightest etc and retouch that image in advance. If you find that selection is not to your liking you can simply browse the lo-res headshot proofs folder and send me the image number of your preference. (Hover over the image, and a small number appears in the corner - you can either email me that number, OR hit the heart and that will message me on the back end).

I finished these two group images and am still going through the proofs to give you more options. there are many "blinkers"s, I just wanted you to have a few finished ones in case you needed them for any printed materials.

To download the images, simply shopping-cart them and select "digital download". It will not ask for a credit card as you are a corporate customer. (you cannot download from the lo-res proofs folders as they are unretouched, lo-res and are for proofing purposes only).

[email protected] if you have any questions!

Lo-res headshots - proofsRetouched groupsRetouched headshots