Thank you so much again for coming to "the studio"!

Here you will find your proofs and retouched images.

To select your favorites for retouching:
In the Unretouched Proofs folder, hover over the image you like and you will see a "heart" appear in the top left corner. when you click it it will make a list for me on the back end.

The images in the Unretouched Proofs folder have not been retouched or edited in any way. You cannot order from this folder, it's for proofing purposes only. Only images in the Retouched or Selections folders can be ordered (this is all to prevent people from accidently ordering an un-retouched image).

I've dropped an example of our retouching style in the Retouched folder. Have a look and let us know what you think, we can modify as needed. I try not to over airbrush or do "body work" by default, but we will make any adjustments you'd like.

When selecting images for retouching, only "favorite" those images you are interested in printing or downloading - select the BEST of a grouping.

Any questions drop us a note: [email protected]