lauren poussard | creative studio | Gala Photobooth
Here are all the photobooth images that we were able to get off of the hard drive. I organized them into two folders - those that I am sure we printed on the day, and then all the originals, so that we can compare what printed and what definitely didn't. There were a few files that were completely corrupted, not may. Hopefully they were just duplicates of some of these, it's hard to tell. We were lucky to get all of these files off of it before it met it's final fate. Unfortunately if there are images missing from these folders, it is unlikely we can recover them. Again, it's only a small handful and hopefully we are lucky! Anyone who's photo might have gotten lost will be welcome for a reshoot by the moon if you still have it up. -Lauren
Originals from driveSHOULD have already been printed