Hey there Carroll Family!

Here you will find a few folders.

The "Retouched" folder has a few examples of finished images, some with treatments to demonstrate some effects.

The "Unretouched Proofs" folder has all the images, the good the bad and the ugly just for fun. They have not been edited in any way. Some of the bloopers I might convert to black and white for no reason other than to make that blooper a bit more "special". ;-)

"Your Selections" is where I will upload your chosen images, retouched, for you to download from or order photo products from.

To select your favorites for retouching, simply hover over the image you like in the UNRETOUCHED PROOFS folder and click on the heart. That creates a list on the back end I can refer to for retouching. Please choose only one image from each "vignette".

The retouching process includes skin airbrushing and any artistic effect we might want to add. The artistic side is subjective, and we can discuss any effects you might like to add. "Body work", braces removal, adding/remove people in and out of images might incur some additional edit time and extra charges.

You can order photographic prints and products from the Retouched folder. The quality of products on this site are far better than what you would get taking them to your local CVS or Walgreens. There's everything from canvas wraps to Christmas ornaments.

If you have any questions please drop us an email at [email protected] We are in the middle of senior portrait yearbook deadlines so emails are appreciated!

Thanks again for "coming to the studio". I had a great time with the fam!

Warm regards,
RetouchedUnretouched ProofsYour Selections