GREETINGS! And THANK YOU for coming to the studio!

Your images are organized here, in the Retouched, Selections and Proofs folder. Hopefully the naming is obvious. :-) All of the images we took on the day are in Unedited Proofs. The Retouched folder has a few I liked and are retouched and ready. Once you choose your favorites, they will be retouched and added to the Your Selectiosn folder.
I retouched a couple I liked already and they are in the RETOUCHED folder. Have a look at these and use the FAVORITE button (the HEART) to create a list for me to retouch. given the time, I would create one list with just your yearbook selections for now. Then we can "focus" on the others afterwards.

MANY THANKS! message us with any questions!

RetouchedUnedited Proofs