Thank you for coming out to the Danvers Swampwalk today, not only to enjoy the magic of the environment, but the magic of the holidays!

Santa was sure glad to meet you all!

Your pictures are being uploaded throughout the evening. They are being grouped by party. All proceeds from any print, download or photo gift are going directly to our Toys for Tots fundraiser!

*if you are looking for a press-printed card for the holidays, please e-mail me directly, I can help!

Many people asked if we were going to do this again next year, and we are thrilled to say YES! We think this is just a super alternative to mall Santa. Where else can you go an enjoy nature, see Santa, and know that proceeds are going to charity? I can't think of any...

THANK YOU AGAIN for coming out in the cold and participating in our fundraiser.

Have a magical holiday season!

Santa & The Santa at the Swampwalk Organizers
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